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Programme LIFE LIFE & NATURA 2000



lifeThe program LIFE + is a Financial Instrument for the Environment, established by the European Union, which supports projects in environmental conservation and nature throughout the EU, as well as in some candidate countries, members and neighbours.
The general objective of the LIFE + program is to contribute to the implementation, updating and development of environmental policy and European legislation by co-financing a program of actions. This tool allows the implementation of innovative actions within the Natura 2000 network, which can then be transposed to all sites.



N2000With the double objective of preserving biological diversity and enhancing the natural heritage of our territories, Europe launched in 1992 an ambitious ecological network of sites called Natura 2000.
The network of sites extends throughout Europe in a fashion conducive to making this initiative consistent in relation to the preservation of species and habitats. The Natura 2000 network is a set of natural sites in Europe, land and sea, identified for their rare or fragile wildlife, animal or plant, and their habitats.
Natura 2000 reconciles nature conservation and socio-economic concerns. In France, the Natura 2000 network comprises of 1753 sites.