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The six technical guides relating to actions LIFE+ Chiro Med program will be conducted end of 2013:
- A technical guide on management of breeding for breeding of bats;
- A technical guide for the conduct of surveys in winter areas rich in cavities;
- A technical guide conservation management areas (favorable habitat characterization, modeling, landscape, food needs ...);
- A technical guide pastoral practices favorable to the bats;
- A technical guide on the road crossing devices;
- A technical guide on imaging techniques in the service of conservation of bats.

These six guides are intended for natural area managers, owners, breeders, bat, scientists ... and will be downloadable here.


1 Systems to help with the crossing of roads ;

2 Management of bovine parasites and wildlife coprophagia ;

3 Developing roosts suitable for ;

4 Conducting winter surveys in cavities ;

5 Elements of area conservation management ;

6 Imaging techniques in the service of conservation.